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Ranks and Positions

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Ranks and Positions

Post by The Administrator on February 20th 2014, 5:28 pm

APPLICANT   - Someone who is currently applying for CCP. They have already made their app in the application center, and are playing in game with members and with their app tags on.

PRIVATE - A member who has stuck it out as a cadet to earn their first promotion to the first true rank of CCP.

PRIVATE FIRST CLASS - A member who has been active in game and on the forums during their time at CCP. They are making an honest effort to improve themselves in game.

LANCE CORPORAL - Someone who has been in CCP for a decent amount of time and has shown improvement in their in game performance. They also regurlarly participate in forum discussions.

CORPORAL - A CCP member who has shown their commitment to the betterment of themselves. They are active in game and on the forums, and are friendly to all they meet.

SERGEANT - A player who thoroughly understands the ins and outs of CCP. They have been here long enough to really know how things are supposed to be done, and are trusted core members of the clan.

MASTER SERGEANT - An experienced player and clan member who has a developed their skill in game and their people skills on the forum. They are valued members of the clan.

WARRANT OFFICER - A member who has been around for a solid amount of time, and are able to assist cadets in learning anything and everything they need to know to be successful here.

ENSIGN - A member who has shown that they are starting to master the game, and has made their presence known within the clan.

LIEUTENANT - A CCP member who has proven their skill in game numerous times, and actively participates in many of the discussions on the forums.

CAPTAIN - A seasoned player and member of the clan, their skill in game as well as attitude are an example to all new members of CCP.

MAJOR - A CCP member who has been around for a long time. They have grown to become highly skilled in game, and their commitment to the clan and its well-being is unwavering.

COLONEL - A member who has solidified their position as not only one of the senior members of CCP, but also one of the friendliest. They should be looked to for help in anything involving destiny or the clan.

COMMANDER - The highest rank you can earn in CCP. These members have been here for a very long time, and have remained active and involved in the clan as much as possible throughout their tenure. Their commitment to the clan is something to be admired.

SQUADLEADER - A member of CCP who has proven themselves worthy of a leadership position. Squad leads are usually veteran members of not only CCP, but also the squad they command. They are in charge of their respective squads. They vote on squad applications, take roll call, and move members into and out of active duty when necessary.

STAFF - Members of CCP who make the decisions for the clan. They vote on applications as well as deal with any with the site, the clan itself, or its members. They can be approached with any problem, in game, on forums, or even in real life. They are here to help make CCP the best it can be, and to help its members in any way they can.

MARSHAL - A Staff member specifically tasked with handling member disputes and discipline. Should be sought out in the event of arguments or concerns about other members or rule-breaking."
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