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Post by The Administrator on February 20th 2014, 5:22 pm

Welcome to the Clone Commando Pod Rulebook.
The following are the rules of the CCP Community.
Read them. Take them to heart. They will be enforced.


Threads: Before making a new thread, check to be sure there is not already a similar topic active, and make sure you are posting in the right board. If a similar topic exists, but is dead – i.e. it has been more than a month since the last post, and the thread is not stickied – then you may create a new thread. A general rule to follow is that a thread’s first post needs to clearly state what the thread is about.

Posts Within Threads: Firstly, no spamming. Double posts are one thing, but repeated lines of posts, especially those that do not contribute to the topic at hand, will be deleted. Also, no posts consisting of only smilies. There is a ten emoticon limit per post on this forum, any posts with more than ten, will be deleted. Finally, make sure your post is on-topic. Too many off-topic posts will be deleted. Having fun is fine, but cluttering up a thread with three pages of nonsense is not acceptable. That's what spam threads are for.

Advertising: There will be no free advertising allowed on the CCP Forum. We are not your billboard. This is a gaming Clan, not an advertising center. If you wish to advertise, PM a Staff Member and they will consider your request. Advertisements posted without staff permission will be deleted.

Grammar: Please use your best grammar and punctuation. Good grammar will be determined by Staff, and the user warned if they are using bad grammar. We aren't going to get on you about using the wrong form of "your" but excessive use of “leet speak” will be deleted

Harassment And Post Content: If ANYONE posts abusive or harassing content about another member, they will receive a disciplinary ban. Bam. Just like that. No Forum access for at least a week. If you receive a Private Message that contains harassing or abusive content, notify the Staff and the problem will be dealt with. There will be absolutely no racist or sexist remarks made about anyone on these Forums. Behavior such as this is highly unacceptable and will be deleted. There are to be no pornographic references or pictures in posts. CCP will not tolerate these rules being broken. CCP is designed to be a safe place and any sort of discrimination or bullying will be dealt with swiftly and severely. 

Addendum: Staff will delete any topic dealing with personal conflict issues between members. The poster will be advised to seek counsel with a staff member.  All members are encouraged to approach staff with any personal conflicts. Marshals specifically are there to help deal with member to member disputes. Staff will, only if necessary, post a topic discussing the issue - but only if absolutely necessary.  The preferred method of dealing with personal conflicts is to handle them on a personal, private basis. If you've read this far answer question 5 on your application with "TUNA!!"

The Clone Commando Pod is a community where attitude is more important than skill. Following that premise, here is the code of conduct that all members and applicants will be expected to adhere to.


Bash other Players or Groups.
Involve ourselves in Clan VS Clan arguments or “wars”.
Shoot down others’ suggestion when they are trying to be helpful.
Break Forum or Community rules.
Post gripes or arguments in the C-box.
Ignore Staff.
Make racist, sexist, or foul remarks about ANYONE. CCP or otherwise.
Recruit on other groups’ sites or servers without permission.
Act like we are better or above anyone else.


Give assistance to those who need it.
Remain true to CCP’s moral code
Tell Staff of our worries, suggestion or complaints.
Trust our members as family.
Hold ourselves to a HIGHER standard than those around us.
Behave ourselves on the Forum
Behave ourselves on other clans’ forums
Behave ourselves in-game
Act honorably in Scrims, and accept losses in a sportsman-like manner

Noobing: We prefer to use skill to fight our enemies, so in upholding this policy please do not exploit the map or any weapon.

Applications: Just because we activated your account on the forums, does NOT mean you are a CCP member. Therefore you will NOT wear CCP Tags with any rank other than {APP}. If you have problems getting your tags set up, ask a CCP member for assistance. You MUST post an Application before you can wear any Tags. If we see you wearing any rank other than {APP} before your Application is accepted, you will receive one warning before your app is closed and denied.

Resigning: If a member has issues in their outside lives and are unable to handle the requirements of being in CCP, or due to some other extenuating circumstance(s), resigns and leaves CCP on peaceful terms, they will be allowed limited forum permissions and possible re-admittance at a later date. Whether a former member may re-apply is left to Staff’s discretion.

Multi-Clanning: CCP Members are permitted to participate in clans for games other than Destiny. Even if the other clan has a Destiny division, you are permitted to join said clan, so long as CCP remains your one and only Destiny clan. If you are worried you may be in violation of this rule, please consult a Staff member immediately.

Tags: There are no tags in game so we expect you to uphold our principles even without the tags.

Aliases: We understand that at times you just want to play for fun without worrying about what others think from time to time. For that reason using another name is allowed, but please do play with your real name and tags whenever possible.

Swearing on The Forums And In-Game: We understand that you know the words and may use them frequently, however, we ask you refrain as much as possible.  We are the "Nice Guys" so we shall act and talk like it.  This rule also counts for in-game behavior. Keep your tongue in check. There is a language filter on site, attempts to circumvent it will be met with disciplinary action

Failure to follow these rules will result in punishment including, but not limited to: Warnings, Restriction of access, demotion, temporary ban, and permanent ban.

The Staff retains the right to give alternate means of punishment to any of the above as they see fit.
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